Caregiver Testimonials

“I don’t live close to a big city so it would be impossible to take any classes in person since I care for my husband 24 hours a day. The home care classes are a great benefit for me to take online. Thank you so much for the free online classes which are very valuable to me.”

- Family caregiver doing in-home care, online classes, Wasco County

“I personally enjoy and have a good time taking these classes online because I can concentrate more on the information given to me than being kind of rushed in a classroom, because this way I can take my time really understating each module individually. Thank you very much for offering such great classes. I hope you continue offering them online, because sometimes I may not be able to attend a class in person, therefore this way is an excellent tool to get my credits at any time! I appreciate it greatly.”

- Professional caregiver in adult foster home - online classes

“Good job. Most caregivers working for providers are minimum wage, and can’t afford classes. This option is critical to remaining employed for many statewide.”

- Professional caregiver, online classes

“I really appreciate Oregon Care Partners for giving these classes. I’m gaining tools to strengthen my abilities and confidence to help care for my 83-year-old mother.”

- Family caregiver, Positive Approach to Care Workshop, Portland

“Oregon Care Partners has helped me learn more about medication use, the effects, behaviors, etc. It has taught me more about who to contact and where to find more information. Very well explained and very helpful class.”

- Professional caregiver in memory care facility, Positive Approach to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care & Safe Medication Management, Eugene

“My mom was diagnosed with mid-range dementia this spring and I had zero information about what to expect. This presentation helped me understand what is behind some of her reactions. It helps me not take things so personally.”

- Family caregiver, Positive Approach to Care Workshop, Oregon City

“Oregon Care Partners has helped me gain a better understanding of how to care for the elderly and disabled. They empowered me with knowledge on how to help patients maintain dignity and live out the rest of their life as best as possible.”

- Professional caregiver, Safe Medication Use in Older Adults, Portland

“This class definitely changed my perception of medication use in older adults with the safety aspects of medication use, non-medication interventions for pain, and possible approaches to behavior issues in people with dementia. This was a great class.”

- Professional caregiver in adult foster home, Safe Medication Use in Older Adults, The Dalles

“I am a family member providing daytime care for my grandmother with dementia. Between this and the online classes, I feel loads more confident and empowered in my care for her as a non-medical professional.”

- Family caregiver, Understanding Medicines in Older Adults, Portland

“I couldn’t have made it through this storm with my 91-year-old mom for the last four years without the things I learned from the classes Oregon Care Partners offers. You folks at home don’t have to do this alone.”

- Family caregiver, Understanding Medicines in Older Adults, Newport

“I have only been to two classes and have been so impressed by the knowledge and presentations of the instructors. The increased knowledge, positiveness and self-confidence when I leave is very motivating professionally and personally.”

- Professional caregiver, Navigating Challenging Behaviors & Challenging Behaviors, Portland

“Oregon Care Partners has allowed our entire team to benefit from their free courses. Prior to OCP, our team could not attend courses due to budgetary restraints. Thanks to OCP we all benefit. And I have had a great experience at every training.”

- Professional caregiver in assisted living facility, Navigating Challenging Behaviors, Eugene

“Once again, Oregon Care Partners exceeded my expectations on the quality of the instructor, presentation materials and subject matter. Thank you for all that you do to help us!”

- Family caregiver, Navigating Challenging Behaviors, Portland

“With vasular dementia causing my mom to continually decline and change behaviors, these classes equip me and educate me to adjust to those behavior changes so I can relate to my mom in a loving and way and give her a good quality of life and also less stress on me.”

- Family caregiver, Navigating Challenging Behaviors, Medford