Caregiver Testimonials

Oregon Care Partners is a great program, they provide amazing classes and resources. I highly recommend Oregon Care Partners trainings to caregivers and families who help care for a loved one.

- Professional Caregiver, Nursing Home, Wasco County

“I’m grateful these courses are offered free of charge. There is a lot of info and there are so many resources out there, but finding them has proven difficult to me. I feel better informed on how to help my mom and we’re not alone in this.”

- Family Caregiver, Multnomah County

“I have used Oregon Care Partners website and information almost daily in my work environment and with my family and friends’ families. I share it everywhere I go because it’s a loving and wonderful way to help those who aren’t able to help themselves anymore.”

- Professional Caregiver, Nursing Home, Wasco County

“The lessons are insightful and pertinent to the diagnosis and situations I encounter on a day-to-day basis with my clients. The knowledge I have gained has allowed me to improve my client’s quality of life and reduce my own stress because I’m a more confident caregiver.”

- Professional Caregiver, In Home Care, Linn County

“Oregon care Partners is wonderful. They always provide a lot of valuable information and the classes are FREE! OCP is a great resource for anyone who is providing care, or just wanting to learn.”

- Professional Caregiver, Assisted Living Community, Jefferson County

“This one class has improved our lives immeasurably. My wife has late-stage Alzheimer’s disease.”

- Family Caregiver, Coos County, Positive Approach to Alzheimer's and Dementia-Care (PAC)

“I love the in-person classes they are interactive and you meet others who have similar issues and experiences”

- Professional Caregiver, Assisted Living Community, Lane County

“This class really opened up my eyes in trying to support my parents who not only suffer from pain issues but both are diagnosed with dementia.”

- Family Caregiver, Lane County, Safe Medication Use in Older Adults

“This approach and the explanations of what the dementia brain is receiving is extremely helpful in not feeling as frustrated as a caregiver.”

- Family Caregiver, Wallowa County, Family Caregiver Webinar Series

“A great resourceful training for free! Amazing instructors with extensive experience and training.”

- Professional Caregiver, Adult Foster Home - APD, Washington County

“I truly enjoyed the Oregon Care Partners medication course. I felt that the instructor gave great methods and techniques to not only handle medication management but gave good dementia caregiving skills as well.”

- Professional Caregiver, Residential Care Community, Deschutes County, Safe Medication Use in Older Adults

“I think that Oregon Care Partners is an amazing program that educates so many people each year. I’m glad they could help me understand the disease more.”

- Professional Caregiver, In Home Care, Wasco County, Positive Approach to Alzheimer's and Dementia-Care (PAC)

“One part that is very important to me is hearing about the experiences of other care-givers. I really appreciate the in-person classes.”

- Family Caregiver, Lane County

“This training is excellent in helping me to understand the physical, emotional and behavioral aspects involved in dementia. It provided very practical skills to support people living with dementia.”

- Professional Caregiver, Assisted Living Community, Multnomah County

“OCP classes are a very good source of information for those who are paid caregivers continuing their education on topics, as well as unpaid/family caregivers.”

- Professional Caregiver, Assisted Living Community, Jefferson County

“Terrific information that crosses all different provider types and really good direction towards resources to pursue on my own and to share with co-workers.”

- State Worker, AAA, Lane County

“I was new to the subject and this class has helped me cope with my wife’s dementia.”

- Family Caregiver, Multnomah County, Positive Approach to Alzheimer's and Dementia Care (PAC)

“You could tell our presenter loved what she did. This information will help me have patience with my mom. Help me not to get frustrated when she will not wash her hair for 2 weeks. Help me remember who she is. I can learn from my mistakes.”

- Family Caregiver, Coos County, Positive Approach to Alzheimer's and Dementia-Care (PAC)

“We appreciate the information taught and have applied learned techniques with great results. I tell everyone I know that can use this amazing training even at the state level!”

- Professional Caregiver, Residential Care Community, Columbia County

“Thank you for all that you do to promote dementia education!”

- Professional Caregiver, Memory Care, Multnomah County

“This was my favorite training class because of the interactions with one another and it was so well organized. Great job!”

- Professional Caregiver, Adult Foster Home - DD, Lane County

“My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s almost 8 years ago and I have been the primary caregiver up until recently. Her care became too much for me to provide on my own and she has been moved to a memory care facility. The classes I attended that were presented by the Oregon Care Partners helped me very much in providing her care when I had her. Thank you for these free classes.”

- Family Caregiver, Jackson County

“Having access to this great resource offered by Oregon Care Partners can only be beneficial for the caregiver and resident. Compassion, empathy and quality care should always be the emphasis in any care facility.”

- Professional Caregiver, Assisted Living Community, Curry County

“So far OCP has provided me with exactly what I need.”

- Family Caregiver, Clackamas County