Caregiver Testimonials

“This service is well done, accessible and pertinent to our needs. We thank you immensely!”

- Professional Caregiver, Residential Care Community, Columbia County

“I appreciate the high quality of the presenters.”

- Professional Caregiver, Adult Foster Home - DD, Lane County

“The instructor was very interesting and knowledgeable, his examples and the class interaction was extremely helpful. I have more ideas to use in our DD home.”

- Professional Caregiver, Adult Foster Home - DD, Klamath County

“I feel more and more confident when giving helpful caregiving hints to family and friends. For example, I will say: ‘I just read about seniors that mismanage their medication. I know that you take limited over the counter medication so let’s review how and when you take these.'”

- Professional Caregiver, Independent Senior Living, Washington County

“Online classes are the best option for me and I am so grateful that I can take them online and at my pace in my relaxed environment so that the information can sink in better, therefore I remember a lot more!”

- Professional Caregiver, Adult Foster Home - AMH, Lane County

“I found the medication training to be extremely helpful. The instructor was very knowledgeable.”

- Family Caregiver, Marion County, Minimizing Medication Risks & Maximizing Quality of Life

“Excellent presentation for family caregivers to learn along with professional caregivers in the industry. I couldn’t have done 5 years of care for my loved one with out this education. Education is the key to surviving this fire. Thank you for providing these classes.”

- Family Caregiver, Lincoln County

“I learned more from this class than any other class in a very long time.”

- Professional Caregiver, Assisted Living Community, Jefferson County

“This is an amazing program. Very informative and easy to apply to the workplace. I appreciate all the educational help that this program has offered.”

- Professional Caregiver, Residential Care Community, Marion County

“The classes that I have attended have been very helpful and provided Valuable information to provide better care for the [older adults] in my care! I’m grateful for the education that this program has provided!”

- Professional Caregiver, Residential Care Community, Marion County

“[This class has] given me more confidence to ask all and anyone who is concerned in my partner’s care for clarity and information.”

- Family Caregiver, Marion County, Minimizing Medication Risks & Maximizing Quality of Life

“So many subjects were covered which were SO useful! I gained so much knowledge about reviewing [with a pharmacist] my meds, doses and needs.”

- Family Caregiver, Multnomah County, Finding Your Voice: Talking with your Doctor and Pharmacists About Safe Medication Use

“I have learned so many strategies from taking these classes when other tasks did not work when it came to behaviors. All the classes have great information for care staff and clients. Thank you for offering these classes to foster providers and care staff.”

- Professional Caregiver, Adult Foster Home - DD, Umatilla County

“I have taken all online courses through Oregon Care Partners for dementia and have found them extremely helpful in both understanding the condition as well as relieving stress.”

- Family Caregiver, Morrow County, Online Training

“Having the progression of the disease explained helped us understand and prepare for each next stage. Having those stages demonstrated, and strategies roll-played during the class was invaluable. We are more prepared and understanding as our loved one slowly slips away. Thank you.”

- Professional Caregiver, In Home Care, Linn County

“This program has improved the way I do my job. Providing me with the education to better care for my residents.”

- Professional Caregiver, Adult Foster Home - AMH, Klamath County

“As a family caregiver, I wish I’d realized this class was available sooner. It helped to identify areas we could have communicated better with outside resources and medical professionals.”

- Family Caregiver, Deschutes County,

“Having taken these classes it has helped me tremendesouly and I love being in this field of work not only because I work in assisted living but because when I am done at work I come home to care for my grandma who is bed ridden. These tools help me in both work an home life and I wouldn’t be able to afford any at all so thank you all very much, keep up the amazing classes!!!”

- Professional/Family Caregiver, Assisted Living, Jefferson County

“I received information regarding future behaviors of my wife. Most important, I was able to react positively as those changes occurred. Bottom line: I no longer fear my role in managing her care.”

- Family Caregiver, Lane County

“The services provided by Oregon Care Partners (I believe) are vitally important to our aging population, including myself. It gives structure and understanding to the responsibilities of caregiving. THANK YOU!!”

- Family Caregiver, Multnomah County

“What a great experience, these classes presented themselves just when I needed the knowledge.”

- Family Caregiver, Lane County

“I cannot begin to tell you how important these classes are and how lucky I am to be able to attend them for free. Caregiving is not a profession which generates wealth. Having OCP as a resource is invaluable. The classes help me with multiple facets of my profession which enables me to care partner with more confidence and compassion. I thank you wholeheartedly for these classes.”

- Professional Caregiver, Independent Senior Living, Multnomah County

“My wife and I agree that [Oregon Care Partners] classes are the best training classes we have attended in the 10+ years we have been licensed in Oregon.”

- Professional Caregiver, Adult Foster Home - DD, Coos County

“I’ve experienced much of [the behaviors discussed in class] with my mom. It was super helpful to have behaviors explained. Great explanation of resources.”

- Family Caregiver, Multnomah County

“This was the best training I’ve ever experienced!”

- Professional Caregiver, AFH, Marion County

“This class helped me understand the changes taking place in my mom’s life, what to expect and how to get help if needed. Well worth time.”

- Family Caregiver, Marion County

“Oregon Care Partners has increased my knowledge with all the free classes & I feel more able to do my job in an effective manner.”

- Unlicensed Medication Technician, Clackamas County

“Oregon Care Partners has for many years provided high quality continuing education courses related to dementia and dementia care giving, and I have benefited from attending these. Thank you, OCP.”

- Professional Caregiver, Marion County

“I love the flexibility & availability & topic choices of classes. I love that they are free. I’ve had great classes & learned much.”

- Professional Caregiver, Marion County

“Oregon Care Partners have helped me gain confidence in safe medication in my AFH and also taking care of [residents] without fear.”

- Professional Caregiver, Deschutes County

“I always leave [Oregon Care Partners classes] feeling that I can do a better job.”

- Professional Caregiver, AFH, Baker County

“As a family caregiver, I received encouragement and gained determination to function more fully as a member of my mom’s care team at her nursing home.”

- Family Caregiver, Lincoln County

“Having the knowledge and proper training is very important. It’s great to learn how and what clients are experiencing so we have a better understanding, empathy, patience for, and compassion for the process.”

- Professional Caregiver, Douglas County

“This has been a life saver for me and my family. Oregon Care Partners has experienced instructors very willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Thank you thank you!”

- Family Caregiver, Lincoln County

“The caring and training by staff is superb. Choices of classes are helpful. Class is well worth the time! I am a better and more efficient caregiver by taking this class!”

- Professional Caregiver, AFH, Polk County

“I am new to Oregon, I moved from Virginia and I am highly impressed with the free classes Oregon Care Partners offers and the variety of locations. As an Executive Director, I will be attending more classes, encouraging employees to attend and work with my marketing coordinator on having classes brought to our community.”

- Professional Caregiver, Assisted Living Community, Coos County

“I don’t live close to a big city so it would be impossible to take any classes in person since I care for my husband 24 hours a day. The home care classes are a great benefit for me to take online. Thank you so much for the free online classes which are very valuable to me.”

- Family Caregiver, In-Home Care, Wasco County

“I personally enjoy and have a good time taking these classes online because I can concentrate more on the information given to me than being kind of rushed in a classroom, because this way I can take my time really understating each module individually. Thank you very much for offering such great classes. I hope you continue offering them online, because sometimes I may not be able to attend a class in person, therefore this way is an excellent tool to get my credits at any time! I appreciate it greatly.”

- Professional Caregiver, AFH, Online Classes

“Good job. Most caregivers working for providers are minimum wage, and can’t afford classes. This option is critical to remaining employed for many statewide.”

- Professional Caregiver, Online Classes

“I really appreciate Oregon Care Partners for giving these classes. I’m gaining tools to strengthen my abilities and confidence to help care for my 83-year-old mother.”

- Family Caregiver, Multnomah County