Be There: People Come First

Marie Walters Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Communication Strategies, Daily Care

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Communication plays an important role in the professional care environment. How you send information and how the person in your care receives the information will greatly impact your ability to establish a trusting relationship. In this course you will learn the core principles of communication and how it impacts professional relationships. A key component of providing quality care is understanding the importance of “being present” and remembering , always, people come first.

Upon completion of this online activity, you will be able to:

  • Define communication
  • Identify the benefits of effective communication
  • Learn how personal styles of communication can impact another person’s behavior
  • Identify verbal and nonverbal communication methods
  • List techniques for improving communication
  • List the ten rules of active listening
  • Describe steps for resolving miscommunications
  • Understand observing and respecting other people’s cultures are vital for healthy communication

Computer Requirements
Courses contain both audio and video – you will need speakers or headphones. Adobe Acrobat and Flash Player are required to take the courses.

Courses DO NOT work well on mobile devices. We recommend using a desktop or laptop and only using Chrome or Firefox web browsers.

Marie WaltersBe There: People Come First